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As a result of the compassionate care we deliver, we develop lasting relationships with our patients. Many times we hear from our patients about how the doctors and staff at Lederman Kwartowitz Orthopedics have helped them. For those of you we hear from, we thank you for passing along your kind words.

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Here are some of our favorites:

*Dr K and the staff at Lederman Kwartowitz Center for Orthopedics & Sports Medicine,

Please accept this as another testimonial of your fine work. In Dec 2010, Dr. K replaced my left hip. Since then, I have been doing the things I missed because of the pain and hassle.

Approximately 4 weeks after the operation, I was logging in long hours walking the floor at the Auto Show at Cobo. In April of 2011, I walked a hilly 9 hole golf course. Before surgery, this was unthinkable. (I still have an atrocious game – but that’s nothing you can help.)

I used to enjoy skiing, but I could not bend enough to clamp a ski boot. Last time I went, a friend had to do it for me. Enclosed, please find a picture of me skiing in Italy from March of this year.

I only wish I would have done this a few years earlier.

Thanks again for restoring my quality of life.


David R.


I am writing to give you a report on my surgery and update on how I am doing.

The experience at Lakes Surgery Center was excellent. Everyone was polite and efficient, everything was clean, the anesthesiologist explained the options and what would occur, the nicest was my surgeon – you. You were there in advance to explain what would be done, you were there at the end to show me exactly what was done, and you were so helpful when I initially had my problem.

You did explain that I would have little pain initially and that a day or two after would have pain and swelling and you provided me with medication. You were only partially correct. I did not have pain initially, but I sit here (and stand and walk without ambulatory aids) patiently awaiting my pain -it is nowhere to be found. I suppose if I concentrate I have a little ache -certainly less than after I play tennis or fast walk. I suppose you might be vindicated and I could experience lots of pain tomorrow – but I am not confident. Understand this is NOT a complaint, only to laud your surgical expertise.

When I called you, I knew you would be responsive to my plight because of our relationship, when I chose you as my surgeon it was because I trust you with my patients and have seen some of the outcomes with their surgery and it’s been uniformly excellent. I was not disappointed to say the least. I have 9 years ago undergone a medial menisectomy with considerable pain and swelling post operatively – this experience is totally different. It is only hard for me to stay with your recommendations to take it easy, but I’m trying to be a “good boy” the best I know how. Let me conclude by saying my confidence in your caring for my patients, which was always high is even higher. You have the rare combination of being a physician and surgeon and excel at both.

I hope the long term outcome is as good as this initial result appears, but in either event, I am extremely grateful for all you have done.

With high respect and gratitude.”

Maury E.

*Dear Dr. Lederman,

Thanks to you and my new Conformis knee, I’m back on the trail and hiking 6 miles per day after only 9 weeks post-op! Thanks again!

Donna B.

Injury- Right Partial Knee Replacement

Physical therapy was not only beneficial to my knee replacement but also very enjoyable. I loved coming! Everyone was so attentive and extremely knowledgeable. They have equipped me with all I need to carry on to a complete recovery on my own. I am sad out time has come to an end.


Linda R.

Everyone at Dr. Lederman and Kwartowitz, from receptionists, nurses, technicians, physical therapists, assistants and of course Dr. Lederman has treated me with genuine concern for my entire wellbeing. Their knowledge, professionalism, respect and friendliness have allowed me to improve and overcome my physical challenges in a caring, compassionate environment.


Susan S.

Injury- heel pain/plantar fasciitis

I came in with a pain in my arch/heel. Then Jennifer Simmons (my PT person) said it was probably plantar fasciitis. We did laser treatments, massages, and ionto’s. With all the treatments my arch started to feel better. Now my arch is pain free.


Abby I.

Injury- PCL/MCL

Wakeboarding crash Memorial Day weekend resulted in a torn PCL + strained MCL + significant bone bruising. With regular physical therapy I was back on the water by the end of August! Thank you Jenny/Holly and Staff!


Adam K.

Back problem was accurately diagnosed. Therapy was very effective. I am 95% improved.


Gary J.

After several years of increasing soreness in my hip I finally decided to try physical therapy when I began having difficulty moving my foot from the gas pedal to the brake pedal. I had seen the success my daughter had recovering from a back injury with the help of LKO and knew I wanted to have my PT there. With the help of the friendly and experienced staff at LKO I am now pain-free and graduating from PT! Thanks LKO, you have helped me get back to an active lifestyle!


Marianne R.

Injury- Bilateral Fracture Ankle

August 18th – January 25 An Incredible Journey. I broke my ankle (both sides August 5th). Surgery August 10th and enter PT on August 18th. From very limited movement to where I am today has been great progress. Thanks to Jenny, Holly and all of the PT staff I am doing very well and am ready to travel to Florida for a month. I will continue with exercises on my own. This is an incredible staff, so skilled and so caring. I have made exceptional progress and I owe it all to them and the opportunities they gave me to push myself.


Pamela M.

The entire staff at Lederman/Kwartowitz Physical Therapy Center are very pleasant, professional and knowledgeable. The Physical Therapists and assistants genuinely care about the rehabilitation of their patients. After five weeks of physical therapy for a knee injury, I am much stronger and without pain. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Marlene B.

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