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Your hip is a ball and socket joint. The top of the thighbone (femur) is shaped like a ball (femoral head). The ball fits into a cup-shaped socket (acetabulum) in the pelvis bone. The socket holds the ball in place and allows it to rotate during motion. The surfaces of the bones are covered with smooth cartilage that cushions the ends of the bones and allows them to move easily.

Arthritis is a major cause of joint pain and stiffness in the hip. Arthritis can develop for many reasons, including aging, “wear and tear,” injury, disease, and hip structure abnormalities. Arthritis can cause the protective cartilage to wear away and lead to painful bone-on-bone rubbing.

At Lederman Kwartowitz Center for Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, we treat hip arthritis and other hip conditions such as:

  • Hip fractures
  • Hip pain
  • Hip dislocation
  • Osteonecrosis of the hip
  • Snapping hip syndrome
  • Piriformis syndrome

The main symptom of severe hip arthritis is pain. You may feel pain in your hip, groin, thigh, buttock, and sometimes in the knee. The pain may occur with activity or at rest. It may even keep you awake at night. Your hip may feel stiff. You may have difficulty moving or lifting your leg. Your hip pain may eventually limit your everyday activities, such as walking, stair climbing, and bending. Eventually, you may need hip replacement surgery.

If you’re ready to fix your hip problems, Dr. Mark Kwartowitz and Dr. Collin O'Keefe can help. We have surgical and non-surgical options to treat your condition, including physical therapy for post-surgery rehabilitation. Call our West Bloomfield or Farmington Hills, Michigan office at (248) 669-2000 or request an appointment online.

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